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Packaging Design Ideas: Custom Tin Case Packaging

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Looking for a unique packaging solution for your product? Tin cases are timeless. The intrinsic quality of tin lends an aura of permanence and value to your packaging. When your product or campaign calls for the highest quality design and materials available, we can create a unique tin case that will elevate your product’s value. Tin packaging suggests quality to your valued customers.

Tin packaging and design

Packaging That Becomes A Collector's Item

Tin cases often become collector’s items, which makes them effective, long-term marketing tools whether they be used for their initial purpose or not. Stand out from the crowd using tin for retail, corporate marketing, or promotional. They are user-friendly and recyclable, which makes them a great packaging choice.

Tin Packaging Design Options

Green Solutions can create custom tin cases that will satisfy your requirements exactly. Tins can be made with or without hinges, they can be made of solid tin or attractive mesh and come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Designs today are often dramatic and eye-catching, tin cases can be decorated by embossing, de-bossing or screen printing with or without color.

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