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Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out to us to answer more specific questions about your project.

Why Us

Green Solutions is an active packaging design and manufacturing company.  We have over 30 years of experience and consistent vendor relationships. We have roots in the entertainment industry and have diversified into different retailproduction lines, direct response, and finance industries. We understand the entire life cycle of consumer products and what it takes to make, package and distribute. Most importantly, we have a team of professionals on call to serve all of your needs. 

What is the process?

Our process starts with your idea or an existing product. We determine your project goals; high value, direct to consumer, B2B, retail requirements. From there, we determine price points and design the most dynamic packaging ideas. These ideas are presented in 3D digital mock-ups. Upon approval, we move to an engineering review and physical prototype. Templates are provided and the project moves to graphic design, then order placement, printed samples, and finally the finished product is delivered. We make the process transparent and smooth, and every step is communicated and provided within established, agreed guidelines. 

What type of packaging do you offer?

We offer plastic packaging, jewelry cases, cosmetic packaging, wood boxes, metal cases, tin boxes, and cases, internal molded and laser cut foam, paper foam molding, card stock SBS and CCNB, turned edge/hardcover folders, binders and boxes, corrugated, litho laminated corrugated, leather, lenticular, and in many cases multiple materials in each package. We can also source products not listed here if you have unique ideas.

Can you manufacture products?

With our extensive experience and vetted overseas factories, we have built a network of resources that provides products for many of our clients. Beyond books and packaging, we provide injection molded products, jewelry, custom leather products for an equestrian industry leader, tins for a multi-national leadership trainer, products for a major direct response fitness company as well 
as custom products for the hotel industry. We excel at working with the people with the most creative ideas and finding ways to provide those products at low prices for maximizing profits. 

I want to save on my overall costs. What solutions do you have?

There are many elements that can and should be reviewed when deciding to reduce costs. From raw materials and packaging to domestic or international sourcing to logistics and the overall processes. We can help find solutions and provide a plan to reduce costs and help manage inventory levels when keeping costs low is critical to the success of your business. 

Do you have minimum/ maximum order requirements? 

We help our customers with every size order and we determine the MOQ based on what the product is and what our specific factory’s requirements are. If our choice factory cannot do what is required, we find solutions both domestically and internationally to provide the right fit for each product. We have had projects that yielded ONE hand-created wood packing box and projects that yielded several million injection molded containers. Each product has its own needs and we will find a fit that works best for everyone. 

I’m starting with just my idea. Can you help me design and source a product?​

We can work alongside you to develop your idea or after you've formed your idea as your product development team suggesting designs and materials.  From visual sketches to 3D digital designs, we can prototype through final product packaging. 

I have an existing product that needs rebranding. 

We’ve worked with many companies that require rebranding of existing products. We view rebranding as new products and provide the best solutions for packaging and even the products themselves. 

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